Robotic surgery
  • Robotic surgery

    • - High tech
    • - Large-scale interventions through small incisions
    • - Fast recovery after surgery
  • Plastic surgery

    • - A team of highly qualified specialists
    • - All types of plastic surgery
    • - Individual approach
  • Arthroscopy

    • - Gentle and minimally invasive procedure
    • - Quick rehabilitation
    • - Competence Center for Traumatology and Orthopedics
  • Joint replacement surgery

    • - We use high-quality biocompatible prosthetic implants, individually select them and carry out a multi-stage control of their suitability for a particular patient
    • - We offer treatment in a comfortable, equipped hospital in the center of Moscow
    • - We perform all necessary tests in our own laboratory
  • Postoperative mammoplasty

    • - Precise disease staging
    • - Minimally invasive procedures
    • - Early rehabilitation and rapid recovery
  • Orthokine therapy

    • - One of the few methods that affects the mechanisms of arthritis development and inhibits progression of the disease
    • - Performed with the use of safe serum obtained from the patient's biomaterial
    • - The therapy has a quick effect - most patients notice the effect after first procedure
  • Center of Endovascular Surgery

    • - Endovascular Surgery
    • - Surgeries are Performed by World-Class Experts
    • - Advanced Surgery

Modern equipped operating theaters are a normal practice for any good medical center. We are a step ahead of the rest: surgeries in the Clinical Diagnostic Center MEDSI on Krasnaya Presnya are performed using the unique Da Vinci robot-assisted surgical system.

Robot-assisted surgery in MEDSI is complex manipulations through small incisions, minimal invasiveness, reduced risk of postoperative complications, and quick recovery after the intervention.

da Vinci Surgical System

Before its creation, medical engineers tested about 2,000 less successful models. State-of-the-art da Vinci robotic surgical system is a high-tech result of 30 years of work with the participation of hundreds of specialists. This system is available in only a few hundred clinics worldwide, and MEDSI is one of the only owners of this system in Russia.

The device system of the surgical console, where the surgeon is located, and the operative part, patient’s cart, which directly performs surgical manipulations.

The operative part has four “hands”: one keeps video recording the surgery, the other two function as the arms of the first surgeon and carry out main manipulations, the latter one serves as an assistant (for example, “responds” to expansion and retention of the wound edges).


The da Vinci robot-assisted system is successfully used in:

  • General Surgery
  • ENT surgery
  • Thoracic Surgery
  • Colorectal surgery
  • Gynecology
  • Urology and oncological urology


All disorders from the listed areas that require surgery are successfully treated using robotic surgery.

List of surgeries performed:

  • Robot-assisted adrenalectomy, adrenal resection
  • Robot-assisted nephrectomy, kidney resection
  • Robot-assisted splenectomy
  • Robot-assisted distal pancreatic resection
  • Robot-assisted longitudinal gastric resection
  • Robot-assisted Nissen fundoplication
  • Robot-assisted liver resection
  • Robot-assisted bowel resection;
  • Robot-assisted thyroidectomy
  • Robot-assisted hemithyroidectomy
  • Robot-assisted promontofixation using a prolene mesh: uterus, vagina; or cervical or vaginal stump
  • Robot-assisted myomectomy
  • Robot-assisted hysterectomy with appendages and pelvic lymph node dissection
  • Robot-assisted adenomectomy (Millin surgery) in BPH
  • Robot-assisted nephropexy
  • Robot-assisted standard kidney cyst resection
  • Robot-assisted radical prostatectomy (non-neuroprotective)
  • Robot-assisted radical prostatectomy (neuroprotective)
  • Robotic-assisted radical prostatectomy (neuroprotective, with intrafascial)
  • Robot-assisted kidney resection
  • Robot-assisted kidney resection with warm ischemia
  • Robot-assisted standard nephrectomy
  • Robot-assisted radical nephrectomy
  • Robot-assisted plastic surgery of ureteropelvic junction
  • Robot-assisted reconstruction of ureteropelvic junction
  • Robot-assisted ureterocystoneostomy
  • Robot-assisted psoas hitch
  • Robot-assisted ureteral reimplantation with Boari flap
  • Robot-assisted entero-ureteroplasty
  • Robot-assisted cystectomy
  • Robot-assisted orthotopic plastic of the urinary bladder
  • Robot-assisted non-continent urinary diversion (Bricker procedure)
  • Robot-assisted ureterolithotomy
  • Robot assisted pyelolithotomy
  • Robot-assisted sacrocolpopexy
  • Robot-assisted bladder resection

How is a robot-assisted surgery performed?

The patient undergoes investigations, indications for surgery are determined and the intervention technique is selected. After that the patient is prepped for the surgery, brought into the operating room and anesthetized.

The operative part of the robot is located directly near the operating table. The robot performs all the “orders” received from the surgical console with the highest precision, which ensures the utmost accuracy and technicality of all stages of the intervention. The system is managed by a highly skilled surgeon who is also in the operating room. The patient’s condition during the operation is continuously monitored by an anesthesiologist.

After completion of the surgery, the patient spends a day in intensive care unit and then he is transferred to a regular hospital ward until discharge.

Benefits of robot-assisted surgery in MEDSI

MEDSI is one of the few Russian clinics that use the possibilities of robot-assisted surgery.

  • Surgeons that use da Vinci system received special training on robot-assisted surgery on simulators and continuously maintain their high qualifications
  • Patients operated on with da Vinci have minimal chance of postoperative complications due to high precision of manipulations. The “arms” of the robot (EndoWrist tools) make small movements with 5 times higher precision than human hand
  • After robot-assisted surgeries, patients recover extremely fast, which is facilitated by minimal invasiveness of such interventions:
    • InSite video fixation system, unlike surgeon’s eye, “sees” elements in the depth of the wound, in the lumen of hollow organs and inside the patient’s body cavities. This allows to precisely plan individual actions and stages, conduct large-scale interventions through 1-2 cm cuts
    • Robot tools are thinner than human hand, which allows to avoid additional injury to the tissues during the surgery, reduces postoperative pain and painkillers requirement during the recovery phase

In MEDSI, we use Fast Track Surgery principle. Our goal is to provide a patient with the highest quality medical services for their speedy recovery. Robotic surgery helps our patients to heal effectively and return quickly to their normal lives.



8 600€ / 10 000$ (avg cost, all inclusive)


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