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Arthroscopy is a surgical procedure in which endoscopic instruments are inserted through a puncture of a joint capsule into its cavity.


Dental implantology is a leading area of dentistry in MEDSI’s clinics


At the Assisted Reproductive Technology Center, you can get expert help with any issues related to the reproductive health of couples.


Every patient is treated at the highest international level, in accordance with the latest recommendations of foreign and domestic professional societies.


MEDSI offers its patients a full range of cosmetology services.

Ophthalmology Center

A wide range of diagnosis and treatment services for eye diseases is available at the MEDSI Ophthalmology Center


A team of international level physicians and full problem-solving cycle with concomitant diseases taken into consideration.


Somnology Center is a multifunctional center for the diagnosis and treatment of the entire spectrum of sleep disorders. We have all the resources to successfully help patients with even long-term, complex and complicated sleep disorders.


Center of Competence «Urology, Andrology and Urological Oncology»

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