Konovalov Gennady
Konovalov Gennady Director, MEDSI Belorusskaya Business unit
MD–PhD, Professor
Head of the Center for Diagnostics and Innovative
Medical Technologies of CDC MEDSI in Belarusskaya
Member of the Board of the Moscow Society of Hemapheresis
Member of National Lipid Association USA
Member of International Society of Artificial Organs
Member of  National Society of Atherosclerosis of Russia
37 years of practice
Radionov  Dmitry
Radionov Dmitry Manager of office of oncology, oncologist.
Doctor of the Highest Qualification Category
Candidate of Medical Sciences
Pshonkina Darya
Pshonkina Darya Otorhinolaryngologist of a hospital.
Doctor of the First Qualification Category.
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