Orthopedic dentistry
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    • - Qualified solution of dental problems in patients receiving chemotherapy and radiation therapy
    • - Early detection and effective treatment of oral and maxillofacial malignancies
  • Implantology

    • - Preparation for implant placement in patients with anatomical limitations
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  • Orthopedic dentistry

    • - All types of dental implant placement
    • - High quality materials
    • - Our own dental laboratory

Specialists in orthopedic dentistry perform dental implant procedures. The treatment includes detection of orthopedic problems, patient preparation, production of individual implants and their placement.

In MEDSI we provide turnkey dental implant placement: competent specialists with many years of experience perform all necessary manipulations, including concomitant treatment of therapeutic problems and prostheses manufacturing in our own dental laboratory.

Objectives of orthopedic dentistry

There are the following types of prostheses:

  • Microimplants (veneers, inlays, onlays)
  • Crowns
  • Dental bridges
  • Plates etc.

Dental prostheses are placed to restore dental arch integrity in case of significant destruction or absence of one or more teeth. This allows to ensure normal chewing and articulation and to create (restore) smile aesthetics.

Among MEDSI specialists, there are highly qualified doctors who specialize in gnathology: treatment of traumatic jaw injuries and jaw anomalies and temporomandibular joint disorders. Problems with the jaw are often combined with orthopedic disorders, and even in such a large city as Moscow, there are not so many doctors who are competent in gnathology. In MEDSI we do everything we can to develop this field of work. Any patient who needs help by a specialist in orthopedic dentistry and gnathology can get it in full.

Indications and contrain­dications

Dental implant placement is indicated in the following cases:

  • Impossibility to restore one or several teeth
  • Partial, however, severe tooth destruction when it is impossible to use dental fillings for reconstruction
  • Diseases and traumatic injuries of the jaws associated with impaired chewing and speech
  • Healthy teeth that a person does not like because of their shape, size or location

Contraindications for dental implant placement include diseases and conditions that make it impossible to perform invasive procedures: blood clotting disorders, infectious and inflammatory diseases, cancer, high body temperature, autoimmune disorders etc.

Description of treatment

Dental implant placement is a type of treatment, the details of which may differ depending on the selected prosthesis type, baseline condition of the jaws, the number of patients, missing teeth or other factors. However, there are main stages that are similar in all dental implant placement procedures.

  • During the stage of diagnosis, the oral cavity is examined and digital radiography is performed to obtain images of the teeth and jaws. A specialist in orthopedic dentistry chooses the type of dental implant, e.g. if there is only insignificant damage to the tooth, microimplants might be used; if more than one half of the tooth is damaged — a dental crown procedure is performed. If there are several treatment options, the specialist explains the pros and cons of each one, and the final option is chosen together with the patient
  • After that, a financial plan of treatment is created, and the patient makes his/her decision regarding the orthopedic device to be applied. The doctor explains the sequence of procedures and objectives of each step of dental implant placement
  • Prior to most types of dental implant procedures, dental therapy is needed: thus, before placing a dental crown, the pulp is removed (if the tooth had been viable) and the root canal procedure is performed. The destructed supra-gingival parts of the tooth are trimmed away. Elimination of carious lesions or pulpitis of the adjacent teeth (those that contact the one being restored) is also necessary. When it is planned to use dental bridges, the adjacent teeth (abutments) also need to be prepared
  • For the purpose of creating both temporary and permanent dental implants, a dental impression is created
  • Then, an individual orthopedic device is created at a dental laboratory
  • If necessary, additional surgical manipulations such as gum counturing are performed
  • While a permanent device is being made, a temporary implant is often placed for a short period of time
  • The permanent implant is fixed in the mouth using a special compound. This is the end of the treatment

In MEDSI dentistry departments, orthopedic devices are made in our own dental laboratory. All treatment stages are carried out as quickly as possible. Our specialists use materials manufactured by the leading companies.


After a comprehensive orthopedic treatment, the patient gets a desirable effect and maintains normal functioning of the jaws. Modern orthopedic devices serve years and even decades without the need of being replaced.


The orthopaedic prices are approximate. The doctor prepares an individual treatment plan for each patient and makes calculations based on the clinical situation and additional diagnostic methods used.

Ceramic restorative inlay 

from 425$

Ceramic veneer 

from 525$

Whole ceramic crown/tooth

from 605$

Whole ceramic crown/tooth based on zirconium dioxide

from 770$ per unit

Crown on implant

from 655$ per unit

Removable full denture (monomer-free plastic ACRY FREE)

from 705$ per unit

Simple clasp denture 

from 950$ per unit

Clasp denture with lock fixation (BREDENT)

from 1 420$ per unit

Placement of Nobel Replace, Replace Select Tapered implants 

from 1 000$ per unit

Placement of one Astra Tech dental implant

from 1 215$ per unit


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