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  • Implantology

    • - Preparation for implant placement in patients with anatomical limitations
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Dental implantology is a leading area of dentistry in MEDSI clinics. Implantation involves replacement of missing or markedly destroyed teeth with modern implants which are absolutely equivalent to healthy teeth in appearance and function.

How Would You Describe the Implantation Technique?

During the implantation process, tooth residues are removed (if they have not been removed before), a titanium screw is placed into the jaw, and a customized crown is attached to it. This results in restoration of dentition integrity and function.

This treatment has the following benefits.

  • Desirable aesthetic result is achieved
  • Tooth restoration and tooth retreatment used, for instance, in the filling of markedly destroyed teeth, are not required anymore
  • A dental implant with an attached crown are very durable and thus serve for decades without changing their appearance (not becoming yellow or dark)
  • A dental implant can bear a significant load, and patients may behave as if they have healthy teeth, in particular, without avoiding solid and chewy food

Indications & Contraindications

Extracted teeth or teeth destroyed to a degree where they cannot be restored should be replaced with dental implants. In such cases, implantation is not merely a recommendation; it should be performed in the next few months, otherwise remaining tooth units will be displaced into the remaining gap. This will bring a problem of food sticking between teeth, facilitate contact tooth decay, and can lessen the effect of your smile.

Since dental implantation is a surgical procedure, all general contraindications to surgery are applicable to it, including the following:

  • Malignant neoplasms
  • Coagulation abnormalities
  • Acute infections
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Severe chronic illnesses
  • Pregnancy and lactation

The following contraindications associated with a patient’s individual conditions would preclude good implantation outcomes:

  • Jaw bone atrophy in the tooth extraction site
  • A narrow alveolar ridge: too narrow landing site to place an implant
  • Enlarged paranasal sinuses for the placement of maxillary implants
  • Too close proximity between adjacent teeth after a tooth extraction performed a few years ago

MEDSI’s specialists can manage the problems listed and often perform dental implantation to patients who were initially recognized as sub-optimal candidates for surgery.

How is the treatment done?

  • The process starts with evaluation by an oral implantologist. The specialist carries out the examination, reviews radiographs (an orthopantomogram), and draws a preliminary conclusion on the possibility of implantation
  • After that, the patient undergoes computed tomography of the jaw. It can demonstrate anatomical features which enable a final conclusion on the implantation plan, the location of implants, and whether jaw preparation is required
  • Destroyed adjacent teeth are restored
  • First of all, a titanium screw, which is the base of the implant, is placed into the jaw. After this, the gingiva is sutured to ensure its osteointegration during the next few weeks
  • A healing abutment is added to the implant and a crown which is fabricated individually by making a jaw mold is attached and secured. All the necessary procedures are performed under high-quality anesthesia

Basic steps of the classic two-stage implantation are described above. In some patients who are considered eligible one-stage implant placement can be performed. It is even possible sometimes to perform implantation in one procedure with immediate loading of the tooth. The implantation strategy and duration (total number of procedures and timing) are determined by a dentist.

At MEDSI, we perform computed tomography using up-to-date equipment, fabricate crowns at our own dental laboratory and make our best to limit the interval between the first visit and the implantation completion.

Implantation Outcomes

Implantation enables the restoration of natural dentition in patients with one or several missing teeth. Implants should be maintained in the same way as natural teeth. A follow-up is not required, and patients should have routine checkups with the dentist every six months.

At MEDSI, the implant survival rate is above 99%. All materials have a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. Implants can serve many years without replacement.


Tooth implantation

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