Kolgayeva Dagmara

Position: doctor obstetrician-gynecologist.

Main specialization: gynecology and obstetrics.

Clinic: MEDSI hospital on Pyatnitskoye Highway

Education: The first state Moscow medical university to them I.M. Sechenova, 2012.

Specialty according to the diploma: medical business

Length of service: 4 years (since 2015)

Professional achievements and experience:

  • Own patent “Way of Surgical Treatment Vulval to an Enterotsela, Rectocele” (2016)
  • Dissertation work on surgical treatment of the genital prolapse complicated to an enterotsela
  • Teacher of school of professional development of the “aesthetic gynecology” direction

Internship: The first state Moscow medical university to them I.M. Sechenova, 2014.

Postgraduate study: The first state Moscow medical university to them I.M. Sechenova, till present.

Advanced training courses:

  • Course “Aesthetic Gynecology and Low-invasive Uroginekologiya” (2015)
  • Training in the cycle “Laser Safety in Medicine” (2015)

Participation in seminars, conferences, professional associations: yes, it is regular

Publications, articles: author of 3 articles, 8 theses

Knowledge of foreign languages: English

The list of manipulations and operations on which reception is conducted:

  • Reproductive endoscopic surgery (endometriosis operation, hysteromyoma, cysts of ovaries, infertility)
  • Conservative and surgical methods of treatment of omission of walls of a vagina, uterus, urine incontinence, including with use of the hi-tech modern laser equipment
  • Out-patient gynecology (diagnostics and treatment of infections, sexually transmitted, disturbances of a menstrual cycle, menopausal syndrome and so forth)
  • Low-invasive surgery — diagnostics and treatment of intrauterine pathology (hyperplastic processes of an endometria, synechia, a submucous hysteromyoma) by means of hysteroscopy and a gisterorezektoskopiya
  • Intimate planimetric plasticity and laser vaginal rejuvenation — non-invasive methods of treatment of changes of external genitals and a vagina

Sphere of practical interests:

  • Reconstructive pelvic surgery
  • Non-invasive methods of treatment of a prolapse of pelvic bodies and incontinence of urine
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