Kitaev Sergey

Function: Radiologist.

Main specialty: X-ray medicine / Radiological imaging.

Clinic: MEDSI Clinical Diagnostic Centre at Belorusskaya

Academic degree / Category: Candidate of Medical Sciences.

Professionals achievements and experience:

  • Candidate dissertation, topic: “The differential diagnostic potential of spiral computed tomography in patients with complications of aortofemoral reconstructive surgery”, 2002.
  • Doctoral dissertation, topic: “Studying the potential and optimization of high-field magnetic resonance imaging techniques in the evaluation of patients with suspected prostate cancer”, 2009.
  • European Diploma in Radiology, 2013.

Residency: Institute of Surgery named after А. V. Vishnevskiy.

List of procedures and operations performed:

  • Neuroradiology
  • Musculoskeletal radiology
  • Uroradiology
  • Abdominal radiology
  • Oncological radiology
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