Gryzunov Evgeny

Main specialization: traumatology and orthopedics.

Clinic: MEDSI hospital in Botkinsky Drive / MEDSI Clinic in Botkinsky Drive

Education: MMA of I.M. Sechenov, 2006.

Length of service: 11 years (since 2008)

Advanced training courses: Certified cycle “traumatology and orthopedics”, 2014.

Knowledge of foreign languages: English, Spanish.

The list of manipulations and operations on which reception is conducted:

  • Medical and diagnostic arthroscopy
  • Removal of free intra articulate bodies
  • Resection, seam of meniscuses, plasticity of collateral sheaves, plasticity of a front crucial ligament
  • Operations for habitual dislocation of a patella about use of the arthroscopic equipment
  • Arthrolysis, chondroplasty
  • Injury of extremities, its consequences
  • Orthopedic diseases
  • Conservative treatment of injuries:
    • imposing of plaster bandages, skeletal traction
    • medical and diagnostic blockade
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