Alimov Vladimir

Education: RNIMU of N.I. Pirogov, 2012.

Specialty according to the diploma: medical business.

Length of service: 7 years (since 2012)

Advanced training courses:

  • Advanced training courses on laparoscopic surgery in training center on the basis of GKB of S.P. Botkin.
  • Primary retraining on ultrasonic diagnostics.
  • Primary retraining on endoscopy.
  • Specialization in esthetic gynecology

Participation in seminars, conferences, professional associations: Member of association of obstetricians-gynecologists of Russia.

Publications, articles: 7 scientific articles.

Knowledge of foreign languages: English.


The list of manipulations and operations on which reception is conducted:

  • survey and maintaining gynecologic patients
  • fence of gynecologic smears
  • aspiration biopsy of an endometria
  • biopsy and radio wave conization of a neck of uterus
  • hysteroscopy and separate diagnostic scraping of a mucous uterus
  • gisterorezektoskopiya
  • laparoscopy
  • concerning endometriosis
  • hysteromyomas
  • formations of ovaries
  • infertility
  • chronic inflammatory diseases of bodies of a small pelvis
  • pipe pregnancy
  • ovary apoplexies
  • techniques of esthetic gynecology
  • plastic surgery at omissions of walls of a vagina and stressful incontinence of urine

Sphere of practical interests:

  • Endometriosis
  • Cysts of ovaries
  • Hysteromyoma
  • Infertility
  • Hyperplasia and polyps of an endometria
  • Dysplasia of a neck of uterus
  • Insolvency of muscles of a pelvic bottom
  • Omission of walls of a vagina
  • Stressful incontinence of urine
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